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April 3, 2013


by backpackingbongos

Five days in the sun has left my face as dry as the West Highlands.  After a long period without rain the ground that is not frozen solid has a crispy texture to it.  The rivers have slowed to a trickle and the side streams are dry.  By day the sun beat down under the bluest of skies, feeling warm when sheltered from the biting easterly.  Nights however were brutal, ice silencing the rivers and sending me shivering into my sleeping bag  Whilst the rest of Scotland has been groaning under the weight of snow, this remote land on the other side of the Corran ferry is largely snow free.  My plans to do a long glen backpack quickly changed as I decided it was essential to get high.  I am glad that I did.


Looking towards Ben Nevis from the summit of Sgorr Craobh a Chaorainn.


The splendidly long, remote and beautiful Cona Glen.


Looking north from the summit of Bealach an Sgriodain at dusk.

It was the Easter weekend and I passed one other hiker in five days.  Just how I like it.