by backpackingbongos

My computer hard drive is bursting at the seams with literally thousands of digital photographs.  Sometimes it feels a shame to hide them all away.  Once viewed a folder is often forgotten, similar to hiding prints in the attic.  I have thought about filling the living room with images of mountains and moors and of course Reuben.  As an experiment I have ordered a small canvas print.  A memento of a night on the winter hills in front of a roaring fire with my canine pal.



21 Comments to “Canvas”

  1. Very nice too, it’s definitely good to have reminders about the place. TLF has been threatening to paint a picture of Glengarrisdale bothy for the kitchen, maybe it’ll be up on the wall by the time of your next visit…

    • If it comes out well there are plenty of others I would like to get printed for the wall. A TLF painting of Glengarrisdale bothy would look very nice in yor kitchen. It looks like we will possibly be attending the same social event on Arran come Oct?

  2. Lovely shot. Where was it taken?

  3. Nice photo James. Mary my wife has presented me with several photos on canvas and framed ones taken during my walks. Makes for great birthday and Christmas presents.

  4. Cracking photo. I have all my photos on a running screensaver on my desktop at home as way of displaying them

  5. That’s a really nice photograph. It draws you in to the warmth. I look at that and I want to be in there with my stockinged feet in front of a peat fire, a mug of tea in my hands and the sounds of the night.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Thanks Alen. The reality was much grimer unfortunately, stockinged feet would have been frostbitten. Still is was a great night, one that sticks in the memory.

  6. James – Why not high quality photo paper and a nice black frame – the result would be far better resolution? Canvas will give you a very poor result for photography.

    • No tried canvas before Warren, wanted to give it a go. I’m sure that printing on good quality paper would be better but knowing me I would never get round to framing it!

  7. Great pic! From a female [fluffy pillows and homely] perspective – just ONE canvas looks a little lonely? [unless it’s a full wall size one…?]. I agree with Esther & Warren. There’s some great things you can create with slides by the way [one of the ideas I REALLY liked was to use them on windows], I’m sure Pinterest is bursting with creative ways to show off pics to their full potential at home 🙂

  8. Super photo that and i recognise the place! We like having lots of piccies on the walls, it’s like surrounding yourself with loads of wonderful memories 🙂

  9. Lovely, lovely photograph. Captures the essence of a bothy perfectly.

  10. James I took a shot of a photograph on canvas which Mary gave to me last Christmas. I took the photo on a walk from Stanage Edge to Hathersage. The photo shows the canvas on the wall at our cottage. You can find it on this link

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