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June 10, 2013

Wild camping – the one in a hundred weekend

by backpackingbongos

The actual walking this weekend often had me swearing and wondering to myself why I do such things.  Mostly this was when I was lurching through giant tussocks that were doing their best to break one of my legs.  All the time the sun was mercilessly beating down and with no shade I was a hot and sweaty mess.  To counter balance this the wild camping in between the lurching was simply sublime.

It really was one of those one in a hundred summer weekends.  The location, my frame of mind and the weather all combined to make the wild camping experience pretty much as good as it gets.  A write-up after I have finished the TGO Challenge posts.  In the meantime a few photos as a taster of wild camping heaven.  Summer only lasts for a few short weeks, grab your tent, pick a mountain and camp on it.


It was worth carrying four litres of water up to the summit of Macaterick on a hot afternoon.  The views from this rugged little hill are superb and just got better and better as afternoon turned to evening and finally a midsummer twilight.  Darkness never fully arrived.


Play spot the tent which is the same colour as many of the boulders on this craggy hill.


The evening was so perfect and the midges still asleep that I slept with the door open.  At just gone 4.00am I opened my eyes and saw this from the comfort of my sleeping bag.  I should have got up and taken advantage to get THE perfect photo.  I snapped this without getting up and was soon back asleep.


After descending the stupidly steep slopes in the background I was keen on getting pitched.  The southern ridge of Tarfessock provided the perfect place to do so.


Another evening and night lounging with the doors open.  The sky was much moodier the second night, showing the huge whale backed hill of Corserine at its best.