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June 16, 2013

Canine buddies

by backpackingbongos

I was looking for a specific photograph last night and came across this, sent to me a couple of years ago by Peter Edwards.  It was taken by him in a remote bothy in the far north of Scotland.


It shows Reuben utilising a young Dougal as a blanket whilst at the same time being used himself as a comfy pillow.  Reuben has met Dougal a few times now and I have to say they have become the best of friends.  So, why the picture?  It took many years of gently persuading my wife to allow a dog to join the household.  With that duly accomplished I am now working on getting permission for a second canine to join the Bongo family.  I reckon that Reuben could do with some company as he starts his journey into middle age.  After doing my dog rescue bit I really would like to bring a dog up from a puppy, probably of the Labrador / Labradoodle persuasion.  Pete, if Dougal ever becomes a dad……………………..