Canine buddies

by backpackingbongos

I was looking for a specific photograph last night and came across this, sent to me a couple of years ago by Peter Edwards.  It was taken by him in a remote bothy in the far north of Scotland.


It shows Reuben utilising a young Dougal as a blanket whilst at the same time being used himself as a comfy pillow.  Reuben has met Dougal a few times now and I have to say they have become the best of friends.  So, why the picture?  It took many years of gently persuading my wife to allow a dog to join the household.  With that duly accomplished I am now working on getting permission for a second canine to join the Bongo family.  I reckon that Reuben could do with some company as he starts his journey into middle age.  After doing my dog rescue bit I really would like to bring a dog up from a puppy, probably of the Labrador / Labradoodle persuasion.  Pete, if Dougal ever becomes a dad……………………..


15 Comments to “Canine buddies”

  1. Aaaahh! Cute!
    Another blog with pictures of puppies trying to tempt me to get one of my own against my better judgement 🙂

  2. Go for it! And I think Andy should go for it, too!

  3. Dogs are so life enhancing 🙂

  4. Hello JB, we’re just back from a trip; while we were away Dougal stayed with some friends who have a frisky young Doberman bitch by the name of Poppy. When we collected him last night it was totally clear that the two dogs were having a great time hanging out together; as we walked Dougie home we were talking about getting him a canine homey to hang out with.

    I reckon a buddy for Reuben is a great idea – you should persuade Corinna that it’s best to do this before Reuben’s too old! At some point in the not too distant we are planning to breed the D Monster – so I’ll keep you informed…

    That’s a lovely pic, eh?

    • It’s one of my favourite pics Pete, I may have to get it printed and pop it on the wall. My persuasion technique is so far failing with Corrina, but then how would she be able to refuse a puppy from the loins of the D monster?

      If you get another dog I reckon it should be a little thing to counter the bulk of Dougal!

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