Was it really the Scottish Highlands?

by backpackingbongos

Sun, blue skies, blistering heat, dry crunchy ground, rivers reduced to a trickle, a strange lack of midges.  Oh and the heat has to be mentioned a second time.  These are not usually words used to describe the Scottish Highlands.  As I plunged naked into a mountain stream I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming.


Ben Lawers from the ascent of Meall Corranaich.


16 Comments to “Was it really the Scottish Highlands?”

  1. So, have you actually moved to Scotland then?

  2. Always wanted to go to Scotland.

  3. Yes, I was up there for the past fortnight. Almost too hot!

  4. In hot July weather I find clegs much more of a problem in both Irish & Scottish hills.

    I remember being assaulted by them in the Knoydart a few years ago.
    Last week on the Sneem hills Co. Kerry was also very very nasty.

    Backpacking time in Gaelic lands is for me is sometime between late Feb & early June

  5. Well I guess they like my blood better then most walkers.

    I swear to God there was steam coming off the Sneem hills last week.
    It was far too hottttttt down south !!

    • It’s the ticks that like me the most, thankfully absent this weekend.

      Nice looking mountains in that vid.

  6. Yes , the best area on the Iveagh in my opinion – but dog rough in parts with the line of rock working at a tangent to the main ridge.
    Coomalougha Lake looks almost Pyrenean is fine June weather.


    Very few people walk these mountains …….much much less then western Scotland in fact with the few Irish walkers orbiting the Reek ridge leaving the rest of the hills alone and empty.
    The only negative thingy about Coomalougha was a change in commonage a few years ago – which means a modern sheep fence right to the edge of the most remote water you can think of in Ireland.
    Its quite funny in fact – how could they economically justify it ?
    besides that Coomalougha is a mecca of the SW Irish Hills.
    200 -300 meters below the high glacial like loughs is a highland oak Grove – unheard of in the SW outside of Killarney……it turns the place into the most elfish place in SW Ireland……a nice(when dry) place to bivy outside of the midge season

  7. Clearly a fabrication, a work of fiction with cleverly edited photos. No midges! Hot! Sunny! Skinny dipping! Scandalous 🙂

    Look forward to the write up. Them cleggs is nasty!

    • I thought that it was all a dream Andy but the imaged are as they came out of the camera. Skinny dipping on a hot day is definitely the way to go…….

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