by backpackingbongos

Nottingham is about as far away from the sea as it is possible to get in the UK.  So far in fact that every summer the City Council deems it necessary to make one in the market square.

Our nearest area of real sand and salty water is to the east in Lincolnshire.  In over twenty years of living in Nottingham I have never once headed out that way.  I have always thought that the Lincolnshire coast = Skegness, thankfully there is more to it than that.  Ten miles to the north is the small village of Anderby Creek.  Dunes, a clean sandy beach and huge skies over a contour free landscape.





IMG_20130804_161358 IMG_20130804_161607



27 Comments to “Beach”

  1. Ah, Lincolnshire. Grew up there, lovely area with some nice hills and beaches. Yes, I did say hills.

    • Aye we did drive through some ‘hills’ on the way there. Just clipped the edge of the Wolds, looked rather nice.

  2. Looks like you got the beach to yourselves!

  3. Bongo Family Beach Bonanza!

  4. My brother and his kids used to holiday in Skeggy and on that coast a lot. In three years of visiting I never saw weather like that!

    • I did sit on the beach and imagine what it would be like on a dank and windy November afternoon, bleak is what came to mind! Yep the weather was spot on.

  5. That looks lovely James. Reuben is clearly enjoying himself too. Not his normal zen pose, I swear he has a grin on his face in one of the photos.

  6. As an exiled Geordie -now Derby resident I hadn’t heard of Anderby Creek. You’ve just cheered me up, knowing there’s a decent beach to visit. Thanks

  7. That was always my mental picture of the east coast as well with more mud than sand! Pleased to proved wrong, looks rather peaceful and unspoilt

    • Nice spot Andy. I did however only take photos looking out to sea in one direction as there are 70+ wind turbines offshore from Skeggy!

  8. Looks a great day out, James. I think Lincolnshire may be one of the very few counties I have never set foot in. Reuben eat much sand?

    • Reuben was not too keen on the sand, he would frantically paw his ball around as unsure how to pick it up when all wet and sandy!

  9. all smiles at lunchbreak – cracking intimate photees! Nice one

  10. Ah Anderby Creek I know it and the area well, the in-laws live in Sutton on sea in fact I was up there myself two weekends ago, FYI a little further north is Dona Nook loads of seals come in there, it is fenced off but they come right up to the fences you can get really close to them.

    • Seeing the seals would be pretty cool. I fancy a trip to Gibraltar point south of Skeggy at some point to see the seals there.

  11. great pictures James. Everyone should visit the beach at least once a year 🙂

  12. Great photos, especially the one of the rain cloud, as well as the black and white one. Trips to the beach and wanders along the coast are amongst my favourite trips.

    • Thanks Roger. I neglect the coast in favour of the mountains, its a shame that our wildest coastline is a long way from where I live.

  13. ….and dog friendly is rare amongst beaches these days.

  14. For some reason, I’ve only just found this post! I have to say though, that that beach does look rather gorgeous 🙂

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