Standing on the edge

by backpackingbongos

The summit cairn is right on the edge of a two thousand foot drop straight down into the loch below.  It had turned out to be a lucky Friday the thirteenth, with warm sun and barely a breeze on this lofty Munro.  It was early evening so all the day trippers had returned back into the glen for the night.  I stood alone tracing out a route across the high plateau, working out where would be good to camp.  A couple of hours later I was pitching bang on the nine hundred metre contour.

The next night the promised first storm of the autumn was battering the high tops.


Two weeks later and I have yet to write this up properly.  I must get my coursework finished first…………

32 Comments to “Standing on the edge”

  1. Looks fabulous … so where is it then?? 🙂

    • I thought that it would be a place that you recognise Bryan! You should pay it a visit. All will be revealed when I do the proper write-up!

      • We’ll it did look familiar and having consulted a map, and some research online, I think I know where it is! I really should pay a visit, and to that whole area again (if it’s where I think it is!) 🙂

      • If you are getting maps out and doing research online then I consider that my job is done!!

  2. Oh wow, incredible. I really want to know where this is.

  3. A picture and a few words says it all, great photo.

  4. Got a picture of my old dog staring over that drop… I won’t spoil it by saying where it is!

  5. I remember taking in this view for the first time, took my breath away and the wind threatened to take me away too!
    My last visit was post camp on the hill with ‘Brindled grey upper part’, roughly mid left of the photo, above the corrie.
    Good luck with the homework James, still got plenty to do myself!

    • I bet that was a good camp spot Paul. I was really lucky with the weather that evening, I have read that the summit can sometimes be rather windy.

      I have got to get all of my coursework to my assessor by 9.30am on Monday morning. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute!

  6. Is this from Sgorr Gaoth? Great spot

  7. I was just going to say Sgorr Gaoith, no really 🙂

  8. I know that view only too well….except covered thick in snow! Sgor Gaoith. Pronounced “see-gore gooey” 😉

    • Good bit of pronounciation there Terry. Would love to go back and revisit in winter, would be even more spectacular.

  9. That’s a great picture. I’m going to have to visit Scotland one day, the scenery there looks too good to miss!

  10. It’s on the cards. I have always been put off by reports of rampaging mobs of midges, though I’m guessing at this time of year it should be pretty safe 🙂

  11. Awfully exciting short article

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