Give your views on Wild Land

by backpackingbongos

You have until the 20th December to give your views on the Wild Land Map.  This has been drawn up by Scottish Natural Heritage.  If you truly care about the wild places in Scotland I urge that you spend some time filling out the consultation form.  It took me twenty minutes and job done.

David Lintern has written a post far more eloquent than this one.  It can be found here.

A link to the consultation and guidelines via the John Muir Trust website can be found here.

Wild land map

6 Responses to “Give your views on Wild Land”

  1. Did mine today and like you say it only takes twenty minutes or so.

  2. Will have a look later today James, once the old headache’s dimmed down a bit and my eyes are functioning properly 🙂

  3. Done plus a post on my blog 🙂

    Will they take any notice of someone who lives close to London?


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