An island is calling

by backpackingbongos

I have been nervously watching the weather forecasts over the past few days.  It is looking like there is going to be a bit of a lull in the wind this weekend.  I’m going to grab the opportunity and head to the far west.  A rugged coast lashed by waves, a bothy fire and my mate Reuben for company.  A perfect way for a misanthrope to see in the New Year.

Lets hope the ferry gets me back in time for work………

12 Comments to “An island is calling”

    • Ok then, it rhymes with Hull and they have sea eagles……….

      I had planned to spend a few days at Ruantallain. However catching two ferries could well be asking for it with the weather at the moment. The long walk in may be a tad damp underfoot, as for some of those burns………..

  1. I feel humbled by your dedication. I think all we misanthropes should get together next New Year’s Eve and have a party.
    All the best with your venture.

  2. Have a good trip and enjoy.

  3. All the best for the New Year James and keep up the excellent blog 🙂

  4. Happy New Year James. The island in question was Mull I take it 🙂 My step-fathers mum was postmistress at Tiroran when I was a boy. Half a dozen school holiday trips to stay with her are responsible for my love of the outdoors. I had such freedom in such beautiful country. But I haven’t been back since my mum and step-father divorced nearly 30yrs ago…

    • Thanks and Happy New Year to you too. Yep the island was Mull, a superb place to visit although it was on the wet and windy side last week.

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