by backpackingbongos

Backpackingbongos is five today.  I’m amazed that I have kept it going for so long, it’s a ripe old age in blogland.

Thanks to everyone who reads my words, you are all brilliant.

To celebrate here is a photo of Reuben enjoying the view from a mountain.



32 Comments to “Five”

  1. Cracking blog and onwards to ten years.

  2. Great work buddy. Sometimes a welcome fix if I can’t get out.

  3. I agree Martin its always wonderful to read and the photos are stunning.

    • Thank you Carol. I am learning with the photography and always aiming to improve the photographs. Good to hear that you enjoy the blog.

  4. Happy birthday to you! Haven’t seen Reuben in that coat for a while 🙂

  5. Love your blog. Your dog isn’t too shabby either. And your photos of the mountains called Great Britain leave me yearning to be there.

    • Thanks for popping by and commenting Michael, it’s appreciated. Come and explore the British Mountains, they are great.

  6. Well done James. A really excellent blog that I always enjoy reading, with some gorgeous trips.
    I suppose we should really be congratulating the poster boy of the show, Reuben

    • It’s always good to get praise like that from blogging leg ends like yourself Alan. I’ll give Reuben an extra gravy bone on you!

  7. Well done reaching 5 years of the blog. That’s an awesome achievement.

  8. Happy Blogday mate. Mine is 3 years old in a few weeks, do you get presents and cards?

    • Wow three years, time does fly Andy. No presents, card or nowt, just a small icon on my home page letting me know……..

  9. Grand! Very much enjoy these accounts. Brings back memories of walks I’ve done.

    • One of the reason I started blogging was as a way of recording the trips that I have done. Good to hear that it sparks memories.

  10. That dog keeps on following you. Excellent blog and one of my initial inspirations for my own. If only you had thought to charge 50p a visit. 5 MORE YEARS – yes indeed.

  11. Congratulations James. Only caught up with it end of last year, excellent blog.

  12. Fantastic James, , a wonderful blog, cracking photos and a lovely dog. very inspirational. Keep posting.

  13. James – yours is one of the best blogs I’ve come across. Always my first stop. Keep up the great work…and the trips, obviously. As a rescue dog owner, it’s also great to see how you’ve turned that little chap’s fortunes around. Reuben’s a bona fide, rufty tufty mountain dog now:)

    • Kind words indeed. Good to hear from another rescue dog owner. I do hope that Reuben is much happier on the hills than when he was in kennels or with his previous owners.

  14. You gotta keep it going for another 5yrs James ‘cos as Martin and Jim said its a great blog. Wish I could find the time to make mine even a tenth as good. Keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Some great posts – keep it up!

  16. Congratulations, your blog is always a must read.

  17. Pete, Roger & David – thanks chaps 🙂

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