South Goa

by backpackingbongos

It can’t always be freezing mountains and boggy moors.  Sometimes you have to kick back and relax whilst feeling the sun on exposed flesh.  We got back yesterday from two weeks in Goa, vitamin D levels suitably topped up to keep us going until summer.

A few photos and words:

Colva beach is a popular spot for Indian tourists, the local cows also appear to enjoy it.


Betalbatim beach was the nearest stretch of sand to our hotel, nice and quite on week days.


You can’t go to Goa and not take several hundred sunset photos.


Farmland between the beach and our hotel, teaming with brightly coloured birds.


We decided that we should give this place a miss……………..


If you look towards the sky anywhere along the coast of Goa you are guaranteed to see a raptor circling overhead.


We splashed out and spent twenty four hours at an exclusive tented resort on Cola beach.  An amazing place.




Rice paddy fields just behind the beach.





These guys spent ages first blessing their boat and then hauling it down to the breakers.  For some reason they then changed their minds and hauled it back up again.




The beaches are full of dogs, you are guaranteed to have one sleeping under your sun lounger or giving you a hungry look whilst you are eating.  I wanted to take them all home.



The tents at Cola beach.  Camping does not get any more luxurious than this!



Whilst taking photographs it is easy to make an area appear to be some sort of paradise.  Goa is very beautiful but it is also covered in rubbish.  With the exception of the areas in front of the beach shacks, garbage pretty much covers every public space.  I have to admit that it really began to piss me off……………



16 Comments to “South Goa”

  1. Slacker…

  2. Looks like a nice place, except for the rubbish.

  3. Blimey. That beats Darlington in February.
    Cheers, Alen

  4. From one Monsoon ravaged country to another 🙂

    Looks rather splendid. I’m officially jealous. No big spiders this time?

  5. wow camping looks nothing like it did when i was a kid it all looks amazing.

  6. I find that garbage drains me mentally. Just been on Sicily for a while and rubbish is everywhere – Mafia thing I am told. Looking forward to the return of photos of mud and mist. Hope you are rested and bronzed a little.

    • A simple lack of infrastructure and people really not thinking or giving a shit is the major factor in India for rubbish. The mud and mist are calling me once again warren.

  7. Just arrived in grey Helsinki. Had an amazing week in North Goa (Ashvem Beach). Now that I came across your images, cannot wait to go back and head for the south. Looks almost pristine, if you compare it with the north of the province. Thank you for sharing!

    • Just had a look at your recent blog post and that beach looks great. I bet that Helsinki was a bit of a contrast with Goa!

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