Four Hundred Thousand

by backpackingbongos

Some time today the blog ticked over the 400,000th page view.  That lucky person can claim a free kiss from Reuben the Mountain Staffy if they wish.  I must warn you that he uses his tongue.

In celebration here is a 2004 photo of my now wife and I on the Summit of the Stok La pass in Ladakh (India).  Getting up there is still my biggest achievement in terms of hiking.  At 4,900 metres (16,076 feet) it is a hundred metres higher than Mont Blanc. Breathtaking in just about every way.  A shame about the daft head attire and facial expression though!

India 089

12 Comments to “Four Hundred Thousand”

  1. Congratulations, an impressive achievement and well deserved for a blog that is both entertaining and educative.

  2. If someone wants to claim a kiss from someone from Staffordshire – that would be me. Great work James, you deserve every visit.

  3. Those are impressive stats, Sir!
    Well done – and we’ll have those sloppy kisses in the Fife. You know you want to…

  4. Well deserved stats 🙂

  5. Thanks all 🙂

  6. Fantastic James, keep up the blogging..Reuben can have a hug from me.

  7. Well done. I’m only here because the dog is :0)

  8. Once again, thanks folks.

  9. Ladakh doesn’t stop surprising us ! May be you’d like to read my travel story on Hunder, Nubra Valley

    I think the one who’s been there can relate more. Happy writing!

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