Uig – when hills become mountains

by backpackingbongos

Reuben in the photo below is weighing up the ascent of the 514 metre Cracabhail (Isle of Lewis). Such places show the folly of defining a mountain simply by height. The Uig hills only reach 574 metres, yet they rise head and shoulder above much loftier heights. A couple of days walking here and a new pair of leather boots looked ten years old.


16 Comments to “Uig – when hills become mountains”

  1. Hi James, can I ask what your new leather boots are?

  2. Ha ha! Nice one! Love the pic mate. Reminds me of the Rhinogs actually but with less heather.

  3. Looks rough country that…

  4. Looks fantastic James, Reuben looks visibly impressed!

  5. Bet Reuben had a whale of a time over there. Our dogs loved it – especially Dixie, as we hardly saw any sheep and so she was off the lead loads.

    • He loved it. There were actually a fair amount of sheep about, especially on the Machair. Of course Reuben is a good boy though……….

  6. That is one impressive looking hound. I don’t think I’d pick a fight with him.
    ~ Fozzie

  7. My kind of mountains those!

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