Spot the dog

by backpackingbongos



10 Comments to “Spot the dog”

  1. Like a very handsome chameleon, he is 🙂

  2. That’s good camo! I think I would always be worried about taking a dog up on the hills, but then again, all the dogs I have known have been pretty nuts 🙂

    • I think that I would also be worried about taking a nutty dog up onto the hills Rob. Luckily Reuben is fairly calm 🙂

  3. camo dog! it is wonderful to see how well he blends in to the landscape.

  4. only his head gives him away. nearly needed glasses to spot him. ahh while I am on took a hike over black fell from hartside down to shepards hut near gilderdale check out your wild camp spot.hut certainly uninviting. had some good practise walking on a bearing as visibility about 2mtrs. and bogs probably 2 mtrs in places happy days.

  5. Appropriate for a serious canine mountaineer 🙂

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