Sarek gear spreadsheet

by backpackingbongos

I have never done a gear spreadsheet before and I doubt that I will ever do one again. However with such a big trip coming up I thought that I would nab a template off of the internet and have a bash. The one attached includes all the gear and food that I am taking to be self-sufficient for 11 days in the wilds of Sarek with no resupply. I’m sure that I will get lots of disapproval from the lightweight brigade. I have to say that I’m a bit disapproving of all that weight myself as I have to carry it for 11 days! At least it will get lighter each day.

I have saved it as a pdf file, click the link below and it will open.

Sarek gear spreadsheet


12 Comments to “Sarek gear spreadsheet”

  1. Interesting list, I am intrigued, you are carrying a bivi and a net tent is there a reason for both? With the Jetboil I would have thought you could get away with one canister of gas unless you are doing a lot of cooking. I used 1 by 230 gm canister for 10 days with the Kovea Spider, which is not as efficient as the Jetboil. In the past I have used 12 grams of gas per litre of water boiled on my Jetbol Sol Ti.

    Montane Pack pants, excellent, used them on my trip up north this summer and they are ideal in warm conditions, they are now my preferred hiking pants. Rab Meco I need to try these base layers as I am not entirely happy with my current base layers. More importantly, enjoy the trip, I am looking forward to hearing about you adventure, and especially the photos.

    • The net tent is there only if there is loads of mozzies, hopefully it will stay packed away. The bivi is more of a sleeping bag cover to keep possible condensation drips off my sleeping bag and to keep away the inevitable cold drafts. I’m far too claustrophobic to zip a bivi right up over my face to keep bugs out!

      A 230g gas bottle usually lasts me a week. As well as cooking the usual dinner and breakfast I usually make 2 hot drinks at breakfast, 1 for lunch and 3 in the evening. I am also taking some food to cook at lunch.

      The Rab Meco is a great top, lets see if it keeps the pongs at bay for that length of time.

  2. Wow james, that is impressive. A fair weight being carried there. Wish you all the best. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  3. Interesting 🙂 Not surprised it’s a bit heavy as you are going into proper wilderness. Have a great time. Hope the weather is ok.

  4. Have a great time, looking forward to some inspirational photos and write up when you return (sorry to see you ditched the akto)

    • Cheers Stephen. I am still a bit torn about not taking the Akto but decided that it would be good to have lots of room to spread out if the weather ends up wet.

  5. That is one heavy pack! 🙂

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