Back from Sarek – a few photos

by backpackingbongos

There is the temptation to write a long list of superlatives to describe my trek through Sarek and Padjelanta National Parks. Eleven days on my own where I only saw a handful of people, mostly from a distance. It was truly humbling to be able to pass through such a vast landscape. I have never felt so committed as when I reached the mid-point, escape was several days walk in any direction. Twinges of anxiety were a constant companion and I felt alone but never lonely. It was an experience that I will never forget.











20 Comments to “Back from Sarek – a few photos”

  1. Didn’t realise the naked rambler travelled abroad!
    Nice to see you back safe, I trust you very much enjoyed the experience.
    Looks like a lovely part of the world.
    Will look forward to reading more about the trip when you eventually settle back in.

    • He gets about does that Naked rambler! It really was a superb trip Paul, will do a write up in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Welcome home James. Looking forward to the trip report.

  3. I assume the naked rambler was just after a river crossing and not the usual attire for the trek, At least you kept your boots on 🙂 Looking forward to the landscape pics and reading about your experience.

    • Don’t worry David, the naked Rambler was only for a quick moment so that I could partake in the ‘Sarek Challenge’. The landscape up there is out of this world.

  4. Well done, James, on completing the Sarek Challenge. Maybe I should make a certificate?

    Some of the early shots look familiar – especially the camp around Nijak/Laddebakte and the river crossing. The water levels on that look pleasantly lower then when we crossed a few weeks ago. How was it for you?

    Nice shelter too 🙂

    • Can I have a nice shiny certificate please?

      The water was very low for all of my crossings, which was a relief. I only needed to change to my inov8’s on three of the glacier crossings, the rest I hopped across dryshod. Even the ground was mostly crunchy rather than squelchy which was appreciated.

      The wickiup was a camping palace.

  5. Fantastic, utterly breath taking photos James. Looking forward to your write up.

  6. Looks like you got a bit better weather than Mark^^ =) Fine photos, looking forward to the TR.

  7. Finally got on your blog properly again 😊
    Looks like you had brilliant weather in which to soak up all that fantastic scenery and magic moments!
    Legs look a bit white though.

    • The weather was pretty much perfect Chrissie, although I got a soaking on the last day.

      I’ll work on tanning those legs……….

  8. Excellent photos, you have convinced me to put Sarek on the list, albeit in peak tourist time. As for the naked challenge I suggest a visit to the tanning studio before you attempt the next one : )

    • I agree I am a bit white in the photo! Sarek was great, especially late August just as the colours were changing and everyone has gone home. Highly recommended.

  9. A long parade of awesome photographs and then……
    Those legs!
    Somewhere in the world there is a dining table missing a couple of legs 🙂
    Better crack on read the full write up

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