Video diary – alone in Sarek and Padjelanta

by backpackingbongos

For the first time whilst backpacking I kept a video diary of my trip. The idea did not occur to me until the end of day four when I had possibly my most spectacular ever wild camp. There is no fancy editing, time-lapse or music score, so Terrybnd does not have to worry about the rug being pulled from under his feet! There is just me, my mobile phone and some of the best scenery in Europe. An honest account of spending eleven days on my own in some proper wilderness.

For some reason the quality defaults to 360p, I recommend changing the setting to 720p by clicking the little wheel symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the video.





28 Responses to “Video diary – alone in Sarek and Padjelanta”

  1. Absolutely the dog’s testicels, Sir!
    What a fabulous place.
    I shall start Googling Sarek and Spampyjamas immediately!
    Am inspirational video!

    • Thank you Mr Sloman. I urge you do do some research on the place and then go and visit, you will not be disappointed. Think Scotland but much bigger and without the windmills. You would love it.

  2. That should, of course, have been “testicles…”

  3. Great! Lots of familiar places. Your Swedish pronunciation isn’t bad either! Well done on finding that path around the lake at the end of Alkavagge before the chapel. I toiled lower down.

    I paused to read the sign on the bridge and remember it now, it’s a prohibition on its use but not because the bridge is knackered but because it’s a ‘work place’ (Sami use it I assume). That must be routinely ignored then!

    You had some great weather though it looked a bit crappy towards the end.

    Whats you pack? A venerable old Lowe Alpine? I myself am looking for a big trip pack (again) after my golite quest 80 has really died and, again, it’s hard to find something that’s towards the light end but up to the job of a big load/big trip.

    • I was glad to find that path Mark, it made the going pretty easy going. So, with the bridge are folk expected to cross the raging river underneath it instead?, it’s a bit of a weird prohibition that!

      It was a full 8 days without rain, with a few of them being blazing sunshine. The last 15Km to catch the ferry are ones that I will not remember fondly, properly wet and misty.

      The pack is my 1996 Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre which was taken out of retirement. It was a good size and comfy but the buckle on the hip belt kept slipping which was awkward. I’m thinking of this bad boy for my next big trip pack

  4. Very much enjoyed that. What a fabulous place.

  5. Yes, Ive thought of that exped too and might well get one. Indeed, when my golite pack to fall apart on my grona bandet I phoned UOG to moan at them and they suggested that as a replacement. I went for a Lightwave instead (which I would describe as a ‘small 70’) and UOG to their eternal credit shipped it to Sweden in two days free of charge etc..

    If I had the money I would go for one of these I think

    Again, I enjoyed the video!

    • UOG have always provided top class service, I always prefer to buy from them even if they are a few quid more expensive.

      As to expensive the packs you have linked to, wow!

  6. Utterly fantasmagorical, brilliant stuff, awesome scenery, brilliant

  7. Great video and enjoyed that James.

  8. That was the best 30 odd minutes of my day so far! What a fantastic insight into your trip and the glorious wilderness.

  9. Phenomenal trip in a stunning landscape, and well done for making the effort to produce the video. It’s the kind of backpack that we will never undertake now, it must remain an inspiration.

    • Geoff with the sort of backpacking that you do in the UK there is no reason why you could not do a trip in Sarek. The terrain is no more difficult. Just need a spare couple of weeks…………

  10. Well done James, a great trip in beautiful wild country

  11. In my view the video provides an excellent overview of the area, and for any one considering such a trip it is essential viewing as it portrays the terrain, the scenery and the challenges that you will experience along the way. And yes there are some familiar places on the video. Well done.

    • Thanks for the kind words Roger. I wish that I had thought about it earlier and taken video of the first few days. I think that I only started because I needed a reason to be able to speak!

  12. Fantastic! And I don’t suppose rain on the last day is too bad if you’ve had so much dry on the other days…

  13. Great stuff, really enjoyed the personal insights to supplement the usual words and photos. I’ve tried doing pieces to camera before but they make me feel very self concious! Clean pants day made me chuckle 🙂


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