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September 15, 2014

Whoops I did it again……….

by backpackingbongos

Maybe I have a dose of big trip blues? Yesterday I found myself perusing flights to Sweden. ‘Blimey that’s cheap a year in advance’ I thought to myself. This evening I could not resist, I’m going to Sarek again next summer. I managed to bag a flight from Manchester to Lulea with a change in Stockholm for £138.20. Coming home a flight from Lulea to Stockholm cost £60.20, the flight from Stockholm to Manchester being a daft £39.20. A total of £237.70 to get to just below the Arctic Circle and back. I have looked at the rail fare from Nottingham to the Kyle of Lochalsh (for the Isle of Skye), an off peak return costs £213. I feel that there are many more trips to Lapland to come.

I’m going to head into Sarek from the south next time. If the bus and train timetables remain the same I could be at the trailhead at Kvikkjokk in six hours from Lulea. I’ll have just a week next time and will be a little more adventurous. A route plan is coming along nicely………….