A backpackers best friend – my first published article

by backpackingbongos

I am very pleased to have had an article published in a proper bona-fide outdoor magazine. It is about the pleasures of backpacking with a dog and is set in the winter hills of Mid-Wales. It’s in the Jan / Feb 2015 edition of Outdoor Enthusiast which is available to read online for free via the link below.


Reuben panniers spotting something

21 Comments to “A backpackers best friend – my first published article”

  1. Wonderful James, congratulations, well done.

  2. Yeah! It says at the front of the magazine that you’re part of ‘The Team’, as well! And just who took that wonderful photo of you???

  3. Congratulations on becoming legitimate. As I live in the canyons of New York city, reading your blog gives me immense pleasure. Happy Christmas.

  4. Lucky says that the doggy gear list is specially helpful although he’s not sure how I’m going to manage to carry it all…. (dhuhh). Hennyway, its good stuff, you should do it more often!

  5. Cracking stuff James. Congratulations on a great article.

  6. Nice one, don’t want this going to your head & you becoming a celeb!

  7. Congratulations; on the location as well as the publication. Those hills are another of the underrated jewels of Wales; even if you do sometimes have to improvise your own track.

  8. Congratulations James, a great article and something I can relate to with my dog,

  9. Excellent article mate, I’d take my hat off to you if I was wearing one. When are you giving up the day job to become a professional writer, got an agent yet? 🙂

    “Tiger striped, poo eating machine” – bless him

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