Horror in the Dark Peak

by backpackingbongos

This may put me off wild camping on Kinder Scout……..


24 Comments to “Horror in the Dark Peak”

  1. There’s worse things to worry about up there!

  2. Love it. Will go there soon.

  3. Thing is, blokes like me wot live in the remoter parts haven’t the broadband speed that will let us watch any of this stuff, so thankfully I have no idea wot this is!

    And I’m heading up Kinder soon. Maybe I’m doomed – or more likely I’ll just see a whirly buffering thingy hovering over the moss whilst all you 4g guys are gonna be toast 😉

  4. Great trailer James. Funnily enough I saw something up there close to Hagg Farm about 20 yes ago. I have never told a soul about it.

  5. Sponsored by the land owners? Send terry Abrahams to film a year on Dark Peak?

  6. Interesting. Some of those scenes look like Mam Tor, Edale, and Winnats Pass. I don’t remember any news about a film being made there.

    • Yep looks like that to me as well James. Funny how they set off up Mam Tor and then found themselves on Bleaklow though!!

  7. Now that looks like fun! I want to see it!

  8. The main wreck site looks like it’s on Bleaklow! If so it’s a B29 photo-recon variant, called ‘Over Exposed’ I think it did most of the photo’s during atom bomb testing etc during the war. Of all the wrecks in the area, this one seems to have the most ‘spooky’ legends associated with it.
    Most filming in the area is done on a hush-hush basis unless they need to close roads etc. The bigger productions like The Village are a bit more obvious, but fairly low budget things can slip in and out fairly easily.

    • It was probably shot on digital which means that not a lot of kit is needed. Probably no one noticed that they were filming up there! I have been to a couple of the wrecks but not sure if I have visited that one.

      • If you haven’t, you should make the effort. It’s on higher shelf stones, only about an hour from highest point of the snake. The walk in is about 60 – 90 mins.
        It’s probably one of the biggest sites in UK and you can probably make it out on Google Earth….

      • I will look out for it when next up that way, not been to the Higher Shelf Stones for a few years.

  9. Exciting! Is this going to be shown in cinemas? Can’t wait to watch it 🙂

  10. “Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!” Kinder and Bleaklow are spooky enough places as it is in the mist without all this ghostly nonsense

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