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May 25, 2015

Backpackingbongos spring gear sale

by backpackingbongos

It’s getting hard to close the door on my gear cupboard these days so it’s time to say goodbye to a few bits of kit I no longer use / want.

You can contact me either via the comments below or email me direct on


Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar + Oookworks oookstar + asTucus cuben door – £300 for the lot + postage at cost or collection from Nottingham.  Now sold.

This is a great shelter, totally bombproof and highly regarded. Why are you selling I hear you ask? I really want to like using the Trailstar but have realised that at heart I am a tent person. The Trailstar itself is well used but in good condition with no nicks, tears etc. The seams have been sealed with Silnet (on the outside) and it has the necessary guys all cut to length and attached. The Oookstar is as good as new and is rarer than hens teeth these days. I had it made with a lightweight Chikara floor and half mesh / half solid walls. The Cuben door is brand new. Obviously you will need your own trekking poles and a set of decent pegs for this.

I would prefer to sell this lot together. However if someone offers to take the Trailstar itself off my hands first I would be happy to split the items (I have had offers for just the Oookstar but don’t want to be left with just the Trailstar). Separately I am looking for £120 for the Trailstar and £170 for the oookstar. The brand new door I will let go for £40.

I’ll be sorry to see it go.




Osprey Kestrel 68 Rucksack – £60 + postage at cost or collection from Nottingham.

I purchased this last year to take to Sarek but it was not big enough and I never really got on with it. It has only been used for three backpacks so it is in pretty good nick. Adjustable back. The raincover is missing as it took off and is on a mountain somewhere.




Equinox ultralight mummy bivy – £40 + postage at cost or collection from Nottingham. Now sold.

This featherweight bit of kit has a silnylon base and breathable nylon upper. It is not waterproof but designed to be used under a tarp. Think of it as a sleeping bag cover rather than full bivy bag.




North Face Apex Elixir Jacket (medium) – £30 + postage at cost or collection from Nottingham.

I wore this once and then decided that I don’t like softshells. Therefore in perfect condition. Model not included.



Gregory G Pack rucksack size medium – £25 + postage at cost or collection from Nottingham. 

This pack has a sturdy back panel with the main body of the pack being made from silnylon. It is therefore relatively light. There is a small patch on the silnylon (photo below) and a small part of the base is worn (also photo below). A bargain if you want to buy your first lightweight backpacking sack.





Berghaus Antaeus 65L rucksack – £20 + postage at cost or collection from Nottingham.

An old fashioned bombproof rucksack that comes in at around the 2kg mark. Good for DofE or someone starting out backpacking.

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