Sarek gear list

by backpackingbongos

Being north of the Arctic circle, having a maritime climate and peaks that reach two thousand metres means that Sarek’s weather can be unpredictable. One statistic I read said that on average it rains two days out of every three. During the summer there can also be large temperature variables from day-to-day. The current forecast is showing that it will be 21C when we arrive in Kvikkjokk but three days later the maximum day time temperature at 950 metres will be 4C. I’m sure when I look again in a couple of hours the forecast would have changed again!

With the exception of the first and last few kilometres our entire route will be above 600 metres, even in the valley bottoms. We climb above 1200 metres (without climbing any peaks) and we will often be camping above 800 metres.

That on top of the fact that in the middle of our hike we will be three to four days walk to the nearest road, makes planning what gear to take a difficult task.

This is what is currently sitting in a big pile ready to be packed tomorrow night.


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9 Comments to “Sarek gear list”

  1. Total cost of gear £0.00? Bargain! Interesting to see what you’re taking on a proper wilderness trip. Have a great time.

  2. Yeah, how did you get your Enan tent for nothing? Had to pay for ours!

  3. Shockingly I cannot seem to find fault on that list. I am sure some UL Jedi expert will pop along to tell you where it is all going wrong and how a tarp will simply do. One thing is boots? You old traditionalist James 🙂 Have a great trip James and all the best to you and Chrissie on this.

    • If I did lists more often you would find that they are all perfect Martin 🙂 Boots of course are essential for the boulder fields in my opinion, plus too much glacial silt to get in your socks. Cheers.

  4. That is a fair weight James. All carefully planned and thought out, enjoy.

  5. That’s a lot of food, Sir.
    Have an excellent time. Really looking forward to this one!

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