Goodbye Bongo

by backpackingbongos

I went to the garage this morning to say a sad farewell to our beloved Bongo. She has been very poorly the last few days, sitting on a ramp with her innards exposed. Last weekend on the way to the North York Moors she broke down, something she has only done once before in the seven years we have owned her. It turns out that the cam belt had snapped, causing damage to the engine. Once on the ramp and with panels removed it turns out that the rust problem is much more extensive than we had previously thought. It would take a hell of a lot of expensive welding to get through the MOT in February, on top of a big bill to get the engine running again. We have made the difficult decision that she is uneconomical to repair.

We have had some good times together, from one end of the UK to the other. I have lived out of her for weeks at a time on the islands of Scotland. The name of this blog comes from the Bongo (no I don’t take a set of drums into the hills). The name will remain though as I don’t think that Backpackingfordfocus has the same ring about it.








29 Comments to “Goodbye Bongo”

  1. This is dreadfully sad, Sir!

  2. How sad RIP to your Bongo ours is still chugging on hopefully has a few more years left in him!!!!

  3. Rest in peace, Bongo.

  4. Ah, how sad that is. I remember my last VW type 2 reaching that stage and I let it go. 20 years on my daughter’s friend is still using it and I fold myself into the back of a stock Citreon Berlingo :0)

    • Very sad to see a vehicle that is much more than the usual run of the mill car go. Looks like you can get some good conversions for a Berlingo though!

  5. I feel your pain😞 I hope it’s my choice when our Hamish has to go😓

  6. Oh dear James. They have some bongos & newer imports at Wellhouse when I was up,there the other week. Hope you can find another one.

    • Wellhouse do some great conversions Mark, it may be a while before we can afford anything decent to replace the Bongo with.

  7. A sad farewell to the Bongo.

  8. Sad times mate – hope you continue to live the dream in a replacement 🙂

  9. Sorry to hear you are having to let the Bongo go. Hopefully, you will find a good replacement 🙂

  10. That’s a shame but I’ll bet you won’t last long without another one 🙂

  11. Really, really feel for you James, losing a vehicle which, to you I’m sure, was iconic. Hope you find a way to replace it with another adventurous motor before too long.

  12. I do feel for you? Not worth investing in a new adventure-wagon ??? xx

  13. I felt the same when I had to say goodbye to Gillie my defender! Pleased you have found a replacement

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