Boulter, Colorado

by backpackingbongos


486 miles.

89,354 feet of ascent.

37 days on the trail.

7 zero days*.

29 nights wild camping.

15 times stood at the side of the road hitch hiking into town.

1 day of snow.

3 blisters.

2 pairs of shoes.

Possible alien activity.

Plenty of thunderstorms.

No bears.

*A zero day is a day when you are not hiking on the trail. It’s usually spent in town resupplying, so you often end up walking large distances anyway!









32 Responses to “Boulter, Colorado”

  1. Amazing stuff! Can’t wait to hear about the alien activity…. 😂

  2. What Chrissie said! Love the photos, esp the B&W.

  3. Superb trip James. I await my royalty cheque with great anticipation.

  4. Amazing achievement, well done!

  5. Fantastic, well done, a real adventure, have enjoyed your updates and photos.

  6. well done indeed. Great adventure – love the photos!

    • Hey both, how’s things up in Scotland?

      • we are good. your name was mentioned on Outdoors station by Bob Cartwright – about doing a podcast for him. You need to talk about walking with dogs – pass on what you know. USA is amazing, if you can listen to Scotland Outdoors on BBC Scotland radio – a great show, never miss it. Going round in circles wanting a Scotland tent – 100 mph winds proof and light.

      • I have to admit that I have not listened to the Outdoor Station for a while now. Reuben does a mean interview! You can probably get a tent for 100 mph winds but it is not going to be light!!

  7. Well done! Beautiful pictures!

  8. Ace pics James. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  9. Cracking mate – a lot of writing to be done though 😀

  10. Well done, now crack on with a write up!

  11. Impressed! Some great looking photos there! Look forward to hearing about the journey in due course. ☺☺☺ John.

  12. Well done James – it sounds like a great trip

  13. Great pictures. I love American scenery 🙂

  14. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello! I think it’s great and am interested in your story! Looking forward to future posts! 😊 your photos are amazing!!!


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