For Sale – Hilleberg Akto

by backpackingbongos

Now sold!

I have for sale my Hilleberg Akto. It’s a few years old now but has not seen much use. It’s in very good condition with no rips, holes etc and has always been well cared for. It has been professionally modified with the inner head and foot panels being replaced with mesh to increase airflow (see pic below). Therefore it is one of a kind!

Five of the original ten pegs have gone for a wander at some point over the tent’s lifetime. Therefore I have replaced with four from another Hilleberg tent plus another V peg (pics below). They will do the job of the originals but I recommend that you replace with something beefier, which I always do with all my tents.

Although Hilleberg tents don’t need to have their seams sealed I did it anyway. I have always gone for the belt and braces approach.

My reason for selling is that I now have a Hilleberg Enan for 3 season use and a Scarp1 for 4 season use. Lots of people knock the Akto because it is not the shiniest and newest model on the market. However if you are after a reasonably light and very bomb proof four season tent you can’t go wrong.

On my scales the whole tent with pegs, poles and bags comes to 1493 grammes.

I’m after £195 plus postage at cost, or come and collect from Nottingham and do a test pitch.

You can contact me directly at

img_3760 img_3761 img_3762 img_3765 img_3767 img_3771 img_3774

2 Responses to “For Sale – Hilleberg Akto”

  1. hi ive emailed you hopefully can do a deal cheers Sean


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