Beauty and brutalism in the Brecon Beacons

by backpackingbongos

Backpacking in mid November is a lottery where the odds are stacked against you. The forecast for last weekend was not very promising to say the least. The weather map had a big blob of blue over the country with fat wind arrows arriving from the South West. Despite this I just HAD to get out and HAD to wild camp. Sometimes I get an itch that must be scratched. A small patch of Wales sorted the itch out nicely and I came back a happier person with peat stains on my trousers.

This is a land of contrasts, high distinctive moorland, the fringes scarred by industry. It’s best to take the landscape as it comes, warts and all. The brutal decay was just as fascinating as the beauty.

I have lost my writing jazz at the moment so this trip report will take the form of a few snaps taken on my phone. Reuben proved himself to be a good model in this instance, as well as excellent company.























12 Comments to “Beauty and brutalism in the Brecon Beacons”

  1. awesome photos James, quite splendifferous in fact. Reuben looking his usual regal self too.

  2. Pretty nice photos James.
    Despite the graffiti and stuff, those are the sort of pictures that win prizes.
    Pondering on Beacons with Mr Rye this weekend.
    But I just tweaked my hamstring running in dark on woods tonight, so not sure.
    Add to that my filling just fell out.

  3. absolutely wonderful. your pictures tell a story all their own….you really didn’t need to say much. what a beautiful country. I am so wayyyy envious. I’m looking forward to some camping next year.

  4. Beautiful as always. My mind switches off from camping about early Oct, but the seasons have changed now. Remind me next year not to put things away until mid Nov. What a dog!

    • These days I enjoy camping in the winter just as much as during the summer, just need to be prepared for the very long nights. Keep the tent out Warren!

  5. Outstanding photos. Really atmospheric

  6. A weekend out in my locale. Trying to work out exactly where you camped and walked but whilst I know the general area can’t work out the specifics. Good to see Reuben is still the looker in your partnership 😀

    • Reuben has always been the looker! I basically did a circuit of Talybont reservoir, taking in the hills above on either side.

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