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April 13, 2012

Map 430

by backpackingbongos

I do love a good Ordnance Survey map, some of them are things of beauty.  My favourites are those that show extensive areas of wild land, untroubled by intrusions such as roads.  One such map is Explorer 430 which is full of bunched together squiggly contour lines, unbridged rivers and a splattering of lochs and lochans.  There is a paucity of roads, with the A890 upsetting the top corner of the map and a couple of dead-end single track roads teasing their way into the glens.

I hope to get to know part of Explorer 430 very well over the coming week.  I officially become an adult on Tuesday and turn 40.  To celebrate I am retreating to a cottage in the Highlands with Corrina and Reuben.  Can’t wait to get up there.