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October 14, 2011

Reuben’s new Ruffwear pack

by backpackingbongos

It’s great taking a dog backpacking, but the drawback is that you have to carry their often smelly kit.  I took a leap of faith yesterday and ordered a Ruffwear approach pack from Muddy Paws.  Less than 24 hours later it had been delivered, not bad considering I had used the free postage option.  Anyway, time to give Reuben his new present to see what he thought of it.

Unfortunately he appeared to be less than impressed.  He sat there whilst I put it on with a look that simply said, “What are you doing to me now?”.  Fully kitted up he waddled into the garden like a stiff-legged robot for a sniff around.  He was a bit like that when he first wore his harness, now he gets excited when he sees it, it means good times ahead.  Hopefully he will view his new pack the same way, given time.

He will get to use it for a whole week come next Saturday when he takes me bothying in the far north of Scotland.  His bothy pal Dougal aka the Hideous Mutt has also got one on order, same colour and everything.  Reuben is the canine trendsetter.

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