Used gear for sale

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Terra Nova Laser Competition – £150 plus postage

I only used the laser comp a few times and have to admit that I never really got on with it.  It is in excellent condition and is the version which has the metal buckle to keep the door closed.


It comes with the original carbon fibre pegs which to be honest are next to useless as the caps pop off.  I would highly recommend using another set.


Terra Nova Jupiter Bivy – £75 plus postage

This has only been used 3 times as I found it too claustrophobic.  It is ten years old but has been loosely stored in my gear cupboard and is in excellent condition.

Go-lite Pinnacle pack (medium) – £30 plus postage

I used this a fair amount before moving onto another pack.  It is the version without the hip belt pockets and is in good condition.  There is a small hole caused by a mouse in a bothy on one of the mesh pockets and a tiny almost unnoticeable one on the other pocket.

7 Responses to “Used gear for sale”

  1. hmmm, pack looks interesting… no used wicky nicks then?

  2. James, dont laugh….how old is the laser comp? ie what (year) version?🙂

    • Hi Dave. I purchased it in August 2006. Although a few years old it was only ever used a handful of times and is in excellent condition.

  3. Hi there, was looking up trail stars and came upon your posts, just interested in your dog panniers, I have a staff which I want to take backpacking with me, who makes them and wot size are they, cheers, mike

    • Hi Mike. The Panniers are made by Ruffwear, loads of stockists on the internet. Reuben takes a small size but I would recommend measuring as per the sizing instructions before buying.


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