Backpackingbongos is six

by backpackingbongos

I’m assuming that the cards with gift vouchers are in the post along with all the presents? A surprise party with lots of food and drink later on this evening? Hope that you don’t all disappoint me…………

22 Comments to “Backpackingbongos is six”

  1. Happpppyyyy Birthdayyyyyyy

  2. Tilly says will Bonios and Meaty Chews be ok to bring to the party?

  3. 6 years and still going strong!

  4. the amazon ad under your post says you can have 70% off fashion items for your prese. Well done lad, oh how you’ve grown, i remember when you were knee high – now you at you, all beardy and internet famous n stuff

  5. Keep up the good work. Your blog is always a pleasure to read.

  6. Many happy returns!

  7. Many happy returns, I will see if I can e mail a bottle of the best???

  8. I’ve bought you a packet of dried unpleasantness to eat when backpacking. It has a sell by date of March 2025 so plenty of time to get it over to you

  9. happy birthday old fella, i’ve put a broadmarsh centre voucher in the post for you

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