Beauty and danger in the Lakes

by backpackingbongos

A cracking three days was spent in the Lakes over the weekend. By day I was sweltering under a hot sun in just a base layer whilst at night I was shivering under piles of down. I passed the debris of a substantial avalanche and then marvelled at an extensive inversion. Danger lurks amongst the beauty on these small hills.

Reuben is now refusing to leave his bed, after the freedom of the hills he’s a broken dog.

A couple of snaps straight off my phone whilst I suffer a spot of blog writing lassitude.



12 Comments to “Beauty and danger in the Lakes”

  1. I think Reuben needs a few extra Bonios and some extra logs on the fire 🙂

  2. Cloud inversions are always beautiful sights – I have only seen one so far, but was thouroughly entranced. Do you take any specialist winter kit with you? Like ice axe or crampons? Just trying to get a feel for what most walkers take out in these conditions 🙂

    • I have seen a few now Rob but they are always special. I carried both Ice Axe, crampons and microspikes for the first two days. Only ended up wearing the Microspikes for an hour on the first day. On the third I left them all behind and the ice axe would have been handy!! It really depends on the snow / ice conditions and the route you are doing.

  3. Looks fantastic James. Am heading that way next week. Hope there is still some snow left?

  4. Yes its been stunning up there this week I have been up twice and was on Stybarrow Dodd on Sunday looking for Ruebens footprints! On Helvellyn Tuesday and witnessed a massive inversion one of the best I have ever seen. Crampons essential! I presume you camped James, any pictures? I am building up to a February backpack in the lakes next week.

    • No camping this time Mick, I took the Bongo. I did some ‘wild’ camping in that though! It was nice having a cosy base to return to each evening, Reuben appreciated it.

      The inversions were rather special 🙂

  5. Come on, less lassitude , more writing and photos 🙂

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