by backpackingbongos

As you may be aware I am particularly fond of heading to cold and damp places where I make myself as uncomfortable as possible. It’s all character building stuff and it gives me something to have a moan about. Unfortunately Mrs Bongo does not feel that peat bogs and midges make a good holiday. She therefore bundled me into a plane for 12 hours and held me hostage in Thailand for two weeks. As you can tell from the photos below it was a bit hellish. Normal service will resume soon.









11 Comments to “Compromise”

  1. Glad to see that you have escaped James, it must have been hell!

  2. You really had it rough, didn’t you? Somebody’s got to do these things though…

  3. It looks like you are having a really hard time. Reminds me of the NW Highlands sea lochs on a sunny day, probably a bit warmer though!

  4. Awesome stuff, just think, you missed all that nasty weather, snow, cold, winds, rain, it must have been awful for you, you must be ever so disappointed!!!!!!

  5. You poor sod. How the hell did you cope?

  6. Well done for gritting it out and remaining philosophical.

  7. Thanks for your support everyone, I got through the experience in one piece…….

  8. You’ve gone soft, I feel cheated. Or is that jealous?

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