Black Hill bog packing

by backpackingbongos

I have to admit that I have lost my blogging mojo recently, any motivation for keeping Backpackingbongos up to date has been severely lacking. There are loads of great backpacking trips that I have yet to put into words. I’m going to rectify that over the next couple of weeks but will keep the words to a minimum and the photos to a maximum. I’m sure that the rambling two thousand word blog posts will return some time in the future!

March is that time of year when Winter and Spring battle it out. It is also the time when people start arguing over Meteorological and Astronomical Spring. I tend to go for the former as that’s when the weather people on the telly box say it’s spring. Anyway one weekend in mid March I set off with Chrissie and Reuben for a short backpack in the northern most reaches of the Peak District. We explored such delights as Ramsden Clough and Black hill and all the wet and boggy bits in between. It was the sort of walking where a set of waders and snorkel would have been appropriate attire. The sounds of the weekend consisted mostly of the sloshing of water and swearing when a boot got trapped by a bog. I would climb the steep bits as quickly as possible, being towed by an enthusiastic hound. This would give me just enough time to capture a photo of Chrissie and the awfulness of the slope behind her. She obliged by wearing red to contrast with the greens and the greys of a bleak Peak District weekend.

















12 Comments to “Black Hill bog packing”

  1. And some of those wet and boggy bits were rather deep!😁

  2. Hope you find your mojo again! Your blog is my little bit of fresh air down in London, so please do post those trips you’ve made. Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

  3. Brilliant photos James. Your blogging is always inspirational, hope you find your mojo. Reuben knows how to chill.

  4. I know that feeling – sometimes the blogging magic dims for a while. Always comes back in the end though. Great post and wonderful photos!

  5. Great photos, love that gorge in the 3rd photo. Keep the pictures coming!

  6. I know what you mean, I reckon we are all good enough scribes now to officially call it “writers block” 😀
    Actually that’s a definite for you as you are a published writer!
    Great photos by the way, very nice of Chrissie to provide a subject matter for “battles of the bogs”

    • Chrissie wears a nice brightly coloured ruckack that really helps when trying to add a focal point to those large brown moors!

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