Peak District Bothies?

by backpackingbongos

It is often said that there are no bothies in the Peak District.  However there are some really basic ones out there if you look for them.  I am not even going to hint at where they are, but post some photos instead!

Bothy 1 – Great location



Spartan but weathertight


Bothy 2 – Well hidden!


Again pretty spartan inside


8 Comments to “Peak District Bothies?”

  1. I don’t suppose you would care to drop a little hint? How do you find them?

    Loved reading about your trip to the Lakes btw.

  2. Thanks.

    Ok without giving too much away look at a map of Bleaklow and search out some ‘shooting huts’. You should find them pretty easily.

  3. thanks for the tips, ive managed to find two lots of shooting cabins on the map but both show 2 buildings in each location, is the map wrong or am i looking in the wrong place?

  4. Steve – without giving too much info one of them does show 2 buildings on the map (bothy 2) and is marked as ‘shooting cabins’. There is another set also marked as ‘shooting cabins’ near the A628 but I have never visited them, I would assume they would be locked seeing as they are so close to a main road.
    Bothy 1 is just marked as ‘shooting cabin’ and the map only shows one building…………..

  5. Great place i went up their today with a few mate’s who have never been on the hill. very good day had by all of them. please can anyone tell me is the location 1 a part of the mountain bothies group.i would like to send the night in this one.


    • Hi Shaun, none of the bothies in the Peaks belong to the MBA, just look for a shooting hut on Bleaklow and you will find it!

  6. Do you know if these bothies are kept locked? I fancy introducing my 11 year old to ‘wild camping’ and I think these could be a perfect intro before carrying tents! I was planning on just making our way there and sleeping there?

    • Mick as far as I know these huts have always been ulocked when I have passed by. However they are very basic, just four walls and an often damp concrete floor. You may well find that a tent is more comfortable!

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