Some gear posts cometh

by backpackingbongos

I really have been neglecting  over the last year what many regard as the staple of an outdoors blog, probably the main reason why people read outdoor bloggers waffle.  That be the Gear post.  Reason number one is that to be honest I sometimes can not really be arsed and often don’t have the time between doing the outdoorsy thing and going to work.  Reason number two is that I don’t want to end up being a free advert* to all things made out of lovely technical fabrics.  However something that has really put me off is the general worshiping of most things being reviewed by bloggers, is everything produced and purchased really that good?  Why are people not a little bit more critical?

It may be a personality thing as I often expect everything that I buy to be perfect but often end up feeling a little underwhelmed when I have got said gear home.  My partner is often rolling her eyes when I appear showing her a loose thread that has taken me an hour to find!  During the last year or so I have made a few purchases and used that equipment fairly extensively on the hills.  Overall I have been pretty impressed but find that even the best pieces of gear that I own have at least a small fault / room for improvement.

As the nights get shorter and my enthusiasm for wild camping is dampened a little I will make up for lack of hill time by doing a few reviews.  I even got carried away and got my partner to take photos of me doing some modelling in the garden recently.  See I am taking this seriously!

The first in my sights will be the Scarp1 made by the often hero worshipped Tarptent.

Now that it has been on a hill I have a few things to say about it, some good, some bad.  That should be done for tomorrow.


*If any gear manufacturers would like to use me as free advert, please get in touch.  However if your gear is shite I will say so!


6 Comments to “Some gear posts cometh”

  1. Say it as it is. I told Tarptent what I thought of the fist version of the Scarp1. Don’t pull punches if they need to be thrown. Be interested to see your views on the Scarp1.

  2. Very topical given Robin’s post and the LFTO forum discussion.

  3. Hey Martin, just put up the Scarp1 post.

    Maz, it was Robins post that got me thinking today. Have to admit to not knowing what LTFO is though, am I missing something?

  4. LFTO is Trail magazines forum. Robins post is an answer to a question I posed on Outdoor bloggers forum as I had responded to comments on LFTO about what was called “freebies”

  5. Live For The Outdoors = LFTO. As Martin says – Trail and Country Walking Forum. Not a fan of forums – too many obnoxious jerks making it hard for the rest of us.

  6. A forum for trail readers, now that is a scary proposition!

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