Post 500

by backpackingbongos

There is nothing of interest here.

Just a self congratulatory post of self serving smugness.  Reuben would like to make his displeasure known.



16 Comments to “Post 500”

  1. There’s a bit of grey creeping in to that handsome muzzle now, you know. (That’s Reuben’s muzzle, not yours.)

  2. that ‘tiger’ don’t need hankercheifs

  3. Someone’s stolen Reuben’s teeth!
    Well done, Sir – a fine milestone, and every one well worth reading.
    Great Blogging.

  4. Well done ‘old grey snout ‘. Have you got a top 5, where things just come together. I have this personal vision of a retirement home with a wifi connection in 30 years or so, with the computer on my bed. ” That was me and a life well lived “. I do have this nightmare about wordpress being hacked and my memories being wiped by some teenager hacker in Walsall. Good job James and Rueben.

    • Cheers Warren. I too have the same fears as well. I have many top 5’s.

      • James – is there any way of ‘ backing up ‘ a WordPress Blog ‘. Can you just copy and paste to a file and save to the hard-drive that we all store in a fire-box. Just wondering – TOP 5 is the cry here just about every time we press publish.

      • Warren you can bak up a blog, it will save everything except the photos embedded into it. Go to your dashboard, then tools – Export. save the file that it creates.

  5. Thanks for this post. Well done!!!

  6. One of the more unusual walking blog images 🙂

  7. Fantasmagircal, Reuben lad you deserve a doggy chew!

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