TGO Challenge 2011 – caption competition

by backpackingbongos

Just what has Alan Sloman been up to?

10 Comments to “TGO Challenge 2011 – caption competition”

  1. Carrying a coffin across the moors probably looks a bit dodgy. Either that or drunk and disorderly 🙂

  2. Yes, Mr. Sloman, we understand that you want to carry that coffin up the hill. We just need to know what you’ve done with the cadaver… you won’t mind if we have a look at the contents of your pack, will you?

  3. ee’s been a very naughty boooooyy!

    note the way Alan is protecting himself with his hands – does that WPC have a third leg?

  4. Alan felt strangely exited as the young policewoman prepared to take down his particulars.

  5. But officer, I only parked my coffin there for a moment!

  6. “Put the kettle on love, while I go and fire up the Quattro…”

  7. “So, you’re saying that the suspects are white, slim-built, 200ft tall with three arms…”

  8. You know very well Mr Sloman it’s an offence to be out in public with those “bandy” legs

    Hmmm, a Redheaded policewoman with tiny feet, you didn’t get her number by any chance did ya?

  9. Sir, you’ll be fined 200 pounds for not complying to regulations. You should have been aware that fixed frame coffins are illegal in this part of the country.

  10. Policewoman: “So, what your saying is -” Yes, it’s a coffin but it’s for a cause not a body”. Why don’t you pull one of my three legs or two pony tails Sir?”

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