Snowdonia without the crowds

by backpackingbongos

Back this evening after a stunning couple of days in a very cold but sunny Snowdonia.  Areas that should be heaving in such amazing weather were strangely deserted.  Can Christmas shopping really be that much fun?

A write up as soon as I get time, still got last weekends Dovedale trip to do.  In the meantime can anyone guess what this mountain is?  Probably too easy, so from where was the photo taken?


5 Comments to “Snowdonia without the crowds”

  1. Wales for sure 🙂 No idea to be honest. I don’t do much in Wales. I am going to make amends.

  2. Looks like Yr Wyddfa and Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwas from the southern slopes of Moel Cynghorion.
    I always find early December very quiet, but on the first fine weekend for ages that’s very surprising in that area.

  3. Martin you need to make amends soon!

    I knew you would get it Geoff. There was a bit of traffic going up the llanberis path but once off of that I just passed (or was passed by) a couple of fell runners. Same with the Glyders the day before, I just crossed paths with a handful of people.

  4. Yep early December was quiet for me as well, but the mountain scenery was missing. Wonderful picture as well.

  5. Thanks Roger. Although the Mountain scenery was missing you did get the sea.

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