To head north or west?

by backpackingbongos

My backpack is all packed and sitting by the door.  Tomorrow afternoon has been booked off work and I will be heading into the hills with Rae for a weekend backpack.  The thing is that we are not sure where we are headed!  That is going to be decided tomorrow lunchtime at the time we set off in the Bongo.  We will either be heading north up the A1 or west along the A50.  The deciding factor is going to the weather.  To be honest the forecast for this weekend has been pretty poor during most of this week, with there being degrees of crapness to the forecast.  We are going to hedge our bets.  It will either be the Howgills / Eastern Lakes or Snowdonia.  What has happened to summer?

6 Comments to “To head north or west?”

  1. Don’t bother coming as far North as Scotland James, weather is looking very poor indeed.
    It may well be the second weekend in a row were I don’t get a good walk in.

    • I went to Wales Paul and it was bloody shite today, horrible nasty weather. Glad to be out of it and home!

  2. My experience of weather in Scotland and Ireland is that it nearly always breaks down at the end of June/early July as the Great Atlantic Conveyor gets moving again.
    March,April ,May and early June have always been good to me weather-wise in Scotland.
    Maybe the slightly more continental English weather is best this time of year but one of my favourite memories from a 3 month backbacking binge in Scotland last year was my LW radio crackling/reporting torrential rain in the Lake District as the jet stream funneled right over its peaks, meanwhile North West Scotland was valiently holding on to good weather as it entered the July rainy season.
    It can be truly magical to listen to other people suffer as you bask in the warm glow of a nuclear furnace
    The best thing to do this time of year is to go to the Pyrenees ,if you have the time of course and like Thunderstorms……

    • Hi Keith, The west of Britain definately does become more soggy in July and August as I found out to my cost today. I now have a house full of dripping gear!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bad weather,really I am – that sick pleasure I get from seeing other people suffer only manifests itself when I am also walking.
    Besides Its good to hear that somebody is keeping the spirit of Bog Snorkelling alive.

    • A snorkel would have come in very handy crossing some Welsh bogs this weekend, they were positively quaking!

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